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Patient Brain Donation Brain donations could help researchers find the cause(s), more treatments and a cure for MSA. The examination of brain tissue is vital in this research process. A brain donation involves a simple procedure and it does not hinder the funeral or any burial plans. In some cases, the cost of brain procurement (when a technician removes it and sends it to a brain bank) can be offset by a grant from an institution or charity. Another additional benefit from a brain donation could be that the MSA diagnosis can be confirmed. Sometimes, if it is requested by donor or family, a brain bank could report back on whether someone had MSA or not. But the confirmation of the MSA diagnosis can also be achieved by an autopsy without a brain donation. For many, a brain donation is the ultimate gift for generations to come – because MSA brain research could help bring about more treatments, more ways to help diagnose MSA and eventually, a cure! If you are a patient and are considering a brain donation, please contact us, using the information below. There are several institutions in US, Canada and other countries as well, that are currently doing MSA related brain research and desperately need brain donations. For families in the USA or Canada, we will help you facilitate a brain donation. Because Defeat MSA is an IRS approved public charity, we do not collaborate with nor support any 3rd party profit-driven brain procurement organizations or companies. Defeat MSA does not require a fee nor do we request any money from you, in order to help you donate a brain to any brain bank. If you have MSA, are interested in donating your brain and need help facilitating your brain donation, please call us: 586.246.1475 or email us: defeatmsa@gmail.com (If you decide to call, please leave your name, number, reason for your call and best time to return your call. Thank You!)
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