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Realising that much of the current attention is focused on more widely known diseases, Multiple System Atrophy is overlooked.  MSA patients are confronted with a dim prognosis and left with few options.  As an essential member of the Defeat MSA Alliance, Defeat Multiple System Atrophy Canada – Vaincre L’Atrophie Multisystématisée Canada is an inclusive Canadian registered charity (number: 758784284RR0001) that aspires to balance efforts to support patients, educate medical professionals, raise public awareness and nurture promising research. Staffed entirely by a small group of volunteers, Defeat MSA Canada – Vaincre L’AMS Canada aims to achieve a four-fold mission:

  • To build a community that truly serves those that suffer from MSA.
  • To cultivate promising research into treatments and slowing MSA.
  • To nurture better education of health professionals about MSA.
  • To raise greater public awareness about living with MSA.

Defeat MSA Canada – Vaincre L’AMS Canada invites all people, around the world, to join us in this noble fight: to speak for those who cannot, with one mind, one heart and one voice: to Defeat MSA forever!








We promise to work towards raising awareness within the medical profession and in society about Multiple System Atrophy and the everyday challenges faced by people living with it. We promise to help create a network of support for patients living with Multiple System Atrophy and their caregivers. We promise to foster a free and open dialogue that serves to advance scientific research. We promise to conduct our activities with the highest of professional ethics, organizational integrity and financial transparency. With confidence, and together with other like-minded charities, we will build a coalition of patients, caregivers, researchers, donors and policy-makers in an effort to pursue our common cause – to win the battle and forever defeat Multiple System Atrophy.

#KICKMSA #DefeatMSACnd #MSAawareness #MSACanada #MSAdes Anges


Michelle Craigen, MS

Member, Board of Directors; Events Planning Advisor

Bracebridge, Ontario

Philip M. Fortier, MA

Director, Board of Directors; Member, MSA United Representative Council

University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, Michigan

Beth & Steve Foster

Beth Foster

Vice-Chair/Secretary, Board of Directors; Events & Fundraiser Advisor (Pictured with Husband Steve, RIP)

Aylmer, Ontario

Mark Lassam, CPA, CA

Member, Board of Directors; Finances Advisor

St. Thomas, Ontario

Kelly Murphy

Member, Board of Directors; MSA Patient Advocate

Tyrone, Ontario, Canada

Kathy Samuel

Kathy Samuel

Member, Board of Directors; Events Planning Advisor

Victoria, British Columbia

Mitch & Christina Torabi

Members, Board of Directors; Events Planning & Partnerships Advisors

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Edwin B. George II, MD, PhD

Chair, Medical Resesarch Advisory Board; Member, Board of Directors

Director of Movement Disorders, Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan

Pratik D. Bhattacharya, MD, MPH

Treasurer, Board of Directors; Member, Scientific Research Advisory Board, Medical Research Advisory Board

Neurologist, Saint Joseph Mercy Oakland, Trinity Health, Pontiac, Michigan

Wouter Peelaerts, MS, PhD

Chair, Scientific Research Advisory Board; Member, Board of Directors

Research Group for Neurobiology and Gene Therapy, KU Leuven, Belgium

Valérie Garneau

Member, Board of Directors; MSA Patient Advocate

Lévis, Quebec

Joel Philibert

Member, Board of Directors; MSA Caregiver Advocate

Lévis, Quebec

Val Harper

Member, Board of Directors; MSA Caregiver Advocate

Winnipeg, Manitoba



Dedicated to Family Members of Our Board Members

Charlene Soleau

First Patient Advocate

Fredericton, NB

*All board members and research advisors are volunteers. Defeat MSA Canada has no paid staff or contracted employees and each board member is passionately driven by their personal or family connection to the disease.

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Vaincre L'AMS CANADA - une organisation à but non lucratif | PRIVACY POLICY


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